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Wilson Wang

A Washington state native, Dr. Wilson Wang grew up in the Tri-Cities and moved to Bellevue at the age of 11. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology at the University of Washington in 1997, he went on to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 2001. Dr. Wang began his career in New York City, where he worked for two years as an associate doctor before starting his own practice in midtown Manhattan. After four fulfilling years of running his own office, Dr. Wang and his family desired a return to the northwest. Following a successful transition to City Chiropractic from his colleague Dr. Minh Vo, Dr. Wang has enjoyed serving the greater Seattle community since early 2008.

Dr. Wang’s interest in health and wellness began during childhood, where he was an active participant in numerous sports. He sustained a knee injury while skiing at the age of 16. During the rehabilitation that followed his knee surgery, he grew a fascination for body mechanics and how various components of the body work together as a system. He began studying the nuances of form and mechanics in all different sports. With his extensive experience in many different forms of recreation, Dr. Wang understands the common injuries associated with them. It is his goal to educate people about their bodies and the various stresses that it experiences in order to prevent potential harm. Chiropractic helps relieve stress and prevent degeneration on the body.

Dr. Wang enjoys being a Chiropractor not only for the impact he encounters in improving peoples’ lives, but most of all for the relationships he builds with his patients.

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