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Wilson Wang“Much of my work involves being on my feet for several hours a day. The treatments with Dr. Wang are not only relaxing, but essential for keeping my body in shape so that I can excel at my job!”
- Angela S., Seattle, WA

I’ve been a chiropractic patient for 20 years and am very selective about receiving chiropractic care. Dr. Wang has helped me tremendously with chronic low back and neck injuries. His superb skill and knowledge has been an important element in keeping me functioning at an optimum “pain free” level.
- Rochelle C., Seattle, WA

“I suffer from degenerative arthritis in both my upper spine and lower lumbar. Upon experiencing frightening and extremely painful numbness in both arms from my shoulders down to the tips of my fingers, I called, Wilson Wang. The cause was pinched nerves. On-going treatments with Wilson over the course of the last three months have brought incredible results----results I put up there in the “enhanced quality of life” category. Thanks, Wilson. You are a life saver!”
- Marc G., Seattle, WA

Prior to my first visit with Dr. Wang, my impression was that chiropractors were only for people suffering from back problems. One adjustment was all it took to realize that chiropractic care needed to be a part of my health maintenance routine. After each visit to City Chiropractic I leave feeling taller and much more flexible. What a difference!
- L. Hundley, Hairstylist, Seattle, WA

One of the things that I really appreciated about Dr. Wang's office was the fact that he didn't insist that I needed to come in weekly like so many other practitioners. I left his office feeling much better and highly recommend his office to anyone in need of an adjustment.
-Troy G., Seattle, WA

Dr. Wang made a space in his schedule to take care of my hockey injuries. He gently straightened out my body. WOW! I was back on the ice and ready to play in a day. Thank you doc for keeping this body running smoothly.
-Leo S., Seattle, WA

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